Friday, November 6, 2009

P4 - First Starch! 137.2 (.4 below LIW!)

I had to eat "on the run" last night... and was soooo hungry. I stopped at the BP gas station on the way to take my daughter to dance & got a slice of the "Hunts Brothers" Pizza. I hadn't planned on adding in a starch yet, but it is what it is and I was seriously starving!

I knew I would be up this morning... just knew it. I stepped on the scale prepared for the worst and had to step back on the scale because I couldn't believe my eyes! 137.2 both times! How could this be?

I looked up the nutritional info on the pizza I had and was astonished. 54 grams of carbs!? WHOA. Amazing. But I'm going to be careful and not push my luck. Nice to know that I can possibly eat "normal" and in moderation have these things and not gain!

Granted, I made the mug cake for breakfast and that and the pizza slice were the only things I ate yesterday. But it is possible to enjoy a starch in moderation and to me, it was heavenly! =D

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