Friday, November 6, 2009

P4 - First Starch! 137.2 (.4 below LIW!)

I had to eat "on the run" last night... and was soooo hungry. I stopped at the BP gas station on the way to take my daughter to dance & got a slice of the "Hunts Brothers" Pizza. I hadn't planned on adding in a starch yet, but it is what it is and I was seriously starving!

I knew I would be up this morning... just knew it. I stepped on the scale prepared for the worst and had to step back on the scale because I couldn't believe my eyes! 137.2 both times! How could this be?

I looked up the nutritional info on the pizza I had and was astonished. 54 grams of carbs!? WHOA. Amazing. But I'm going to be careful and not push my luck. Nice to know that I can possibly eat "normal" and in moderation have these things and not gain!

Granted, I made the mug cake for breakfast and that and the pizza slice were the only things I ate yesterday. But it is possible to enjoy a starch in moderation and to me, it was heavenly! =D

Thursday, November 5, 2009

P4 - Maintenance Phase - Here we are! 138.0 lbs -- (.4 up from LIW)

I really started "P4" yesterday, but have yet to add in a starch. I must say, I'm paranoid because I ended up doing back to back steak days early this week! BTW... don't do that. The second one hardly made a difference. ;)

You definitely find out what causes a gain in P3! I'll be staying away from as much of that as possible in P4! I'll possibly add in a starch this weekend, but for now, I am having the Mug Cake for breakfast, skipping lunch, and then scrambled eggs with spinach, cheese, etc. for dinner.

I have planned my next round! Loading days will be Sat. & Sun. Jan. 16th & 17th - my birthday weekend ;) My goal for the next round - 125 lbs, so I can stabilize under 130. I just want to be a hot mama in a bikini for swimsuit season! =D

Saturday, October 31, 2009

P3 Day 18 ...... 137.6 lbs =D

I'm back at my "floor" today WOOHOO!!!! I was actually shocked to see 137 anything on my scale this morning, considering I was left alone with the halloween sugar cookies I baked for my kids last night and TWO OF THEM bit the dust... right in my mouth =/ I felt terrible after eating them! Hopefully my weigh in this morning will keep me from screwing it up tonight when all of the trick-or-treating commences!

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

P3 Day 15 (I checked!) 138.6 lbs =D ....and a cake recipe!

So yesterday I felt yukky, my tummy wasn't right. I had a small banana at work because the apples were rotten in the breakroom. We aren't supposed to have bananas on P3 but apparently it caused me no ill will. I'm down a pound from yesterday after a banana, tons of scrambled eggs with cheese & spinach, and most of all the SCRUMPTIOUS chocolate mug P3 friendly cake I had last night! THIS... will be carried over into P4 with me no doubt!

The biggest issue - finding Almond Flour. Even my health food store didn't have it. Whole foods is a good 45 minutes away from me, but people say you can find it there. I ordered it online from WARNING - EXPENSIVE lol! But I have a 5 lb bag and I bet you it lasts a lonnnnnng time. It's so worth it to me to have this cake! The cake is special to me lol! Oh, I've also heard if you have a Trader Joe's or a Kroger you should check there for Almond Flour. You can also use coconut flour in this recipe. I'm just showing how I made mine :) And I think coconut flour is one of those things you can only find online. Anyway, enjoy!

Chocolate Mug Cake

This recipe is for one serving and is cooked in a coffee mug in the microwave

4 Tlbs. Almond Flour
4 Tlbs. Sugar Alternative (I use baking splenda)
2 Tlbs. cocoa powder
1 egg
3 Tlbs. milk
3 Tlbs. oil (I used olive oil)
Splash of Vanilla extract
1 large coffee mug

Mix all dry ingredients in mug, add egg and blend thoroughly. Add milk, oil and vanilla and mix. Place in 1000 watt microwave for three (3) mintues. (I am doing 2 minutes in my 1250 watt microwave) Do not cover mug. Cake will rise over top - do not be alarmed. Let cool and place on plate. Add a little whipped cream to top.

I tried this for the first time last night (my almond flour just arrived!) and it was HEAVENLY!!!!!

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

P3 - Week 2 - What I have learned about this phase! 139.8 lbs (up 2lbs)

Well, I guess experimenting in P3 is something you have to do, and just see how your body reacts to different foods.

Things that I know cause me to gain: Sugar-free ice cream, Sugar-free pudding, getting the SUGAR-FILLED latte at McDonalds instead of the sugar-free latte I ordered!

Things that haven't caused any problems: my red wine. WOOHOO! Peanut butter cookies (1 cup all natural PB, 1 egg, 1 cup splenda, dash of vanilla, mix, spread on cookie sheet & cook 10 mins at 350), YUMMY stuffed bell peppers -- stuffed with extra lean ground beef, and rotel dip (including reduced fat sausage!), I've had no problem with cheese at all. Scrambled eggs - good stuff. I've even used cream cheese (fat free) in TONS of recipes and with no gain!

The last two pounds, in case you are wondering - came from the darn sugar free snacks I posted above. I will not be fooling with those again! I've been told that in P4 it's better to have the sugar-filled ice cream than sugar free because sugar free is a bunch of CHEMICALS! I believe it!

I have had a total of 3 steak days. They work like a charm each time & bring me back down! I did a steak day yesterday & I'm doing high protein today. Friday I was 138.0. I'd like to go back there lol!

I'll be attempting my first Almond Flour recipe probably tomorrow. It's called "Chocolate Mug Cake" =) I'll post how that goes, and the recipe!

Friday, October 16, 2009

P3, Day 5! -- 138.2 lbs.

First I have to say -- I LOVE P3!!! No, we don't get to lose, but stabilize and FINALLY eat something different lol!

I'm doing much better than I thought I would so far. I'm within a pound of my last "drop" weight.

Monday, October 12, 2009

Monday, October 12, 2009 R1P3 - Stabalizing!

After much consideration Sat. and Sun. I decided to take my last drop Sunday morning (just a day 1/2 earlier than originally planned) because the Prednisone was literally making me starve. I needed some eggs! 2 egg whites/1 egg & spinach = made me feel MUCH better. I found that I could only eat 1/2 of it. Amazing how your stomach will shrink after 28 days of hardly anything lol! Since I was at 137.4 yesterday morning, I've decided that if I ever hit 140 on the scale again, it will be time for a "steak day".... to bring my weight back down.

Bought lots of P3 food last night at the store. Starting with adding in scrambled eggs only right now since I've just come of the drops. I'm not *supposed* to add in anything and stay on my VLCD's through tomorrow evening, however, note the steroid/hunger problem above & you'll see why I'm adding in eggs. Some of the first things I plan on making when I begin to add to that -- stuffed bell peppers, P3 friendly jalapeno poppers, P3 low carb all natural peanut butter cookies (maybe this weekend on those)!

P3 here we go -- NO SUGAR NO STARCH for the next 3 weeks! I can totally do this. Just so glad to have some scrambled eggs! =]

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Sunday. Oct. 11, 09 "VLCD" 28 -- 137.6 (down .4) total loss = 17.4 lbs

Exactly four weeks ago today I weighed TWENTY POUNDS MORE than I do right now ;) (Post loading). How cool is that?

I stalled yesterday - getting close to the end - close to goal of 135. I broke my stall with VODKA! Someone on the forum lost 3.5 lbs drinking vodka, so I had two shots in my mineral water/vanilla stevia. It was NASTY, but I'm back down again hahaha! I feel dehydrated, a bit. Five more days on P2! I'd BETTER make it to 135. I take my last Hcg drops for this round tomorrow.... I can't believe it!

Here is a picture - sort of an "after" even though my after won't be until Thursday. :)

Again, here is a before:

Friday, October 9, 2009

Friday. Oct. 9, 09 "VLCD" 26 -- 138.0 (down 1.2) 15.8 lbs total loss

138.0 this morning at weigh-in time, I seriously can't believe it! I thought I was going to be gaining due to the Prednisone I'm taking? 3 more pounds and I have enough for my goal this round! YAAAAY! My abs still hurt from doing the jacknife on the Wii Fit night before last....

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Thurs. Oct. 8, 09 "VLCD" 25 -- 139.2 (down .8)


That's all I can say. I LOVE this diet, despite the jealousy I've had over everyone else's food the last 25 days lol!

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Wed. Oct. 7, 09 "VLCD" 24 -- 140.0 (down .6) total loss = 13.8 lbs

WELL! I was hoping to break into the 130's today, but weighed in this AM at 140.0 LOL! Tomorrow will be the day!

The doctor put me on Prednisone and Bactrum for my sinus infection from hell.

And guess what? Prednisone makes you HUNGRY and RETAIN WATER!!! Goodygoodygoody. I can deal with the hungry part, but I really REALLY want my goal weight in the next 7 days. No water retainage!!! I'm just going to keep on doing things right, and if I GAIN - I won't be posting on the blog until the effects of the Prednisone are long gone & my true loss shows up!

I played Wii Fit for the first time since May. I was so HAPPY seeing that my BMI is 23 something now!!! I tired easily though. Don't let it fool ya, you don't have extra energy on a 500 calorie diet!

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Tues. Oct. 6, 09 "VLCD" 23 -- 140.6 total loss = 13.2 lbs

I forgot to post yesterday evidently. But I am SICK, so there you have it.

I gained .2 from the onion soup though! Down .6 this morning. 5.4 lbs to go!

Going to the ENT tomorrow, again. Maybe if I can get rid of the awful massive amounts of congestion behind my ears, I'll drop another couple of pounds, I swear!

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Sun. Oct. 4, 09 "VLCD" 21 -- 141.0 (down 1.0) total loss = 13 lbs

Another pound down!

Well, I have a feeling the scale won't be moving down in the morning. Had a birthday party at the Japanese Steakhouse - ate some (though very little) of the onion soup. It was too good. Ate some lettuce with spicy lump crab meat. I just have a feeling!

I grilled 8 servings of extra lean ground beef on the George Foreman today. :)

Saturday, October 3, 2009

Sat. Oct. 3, 09 "VLCD" 20 -- 142.0 (down .6) total loss = 12 lbs

Today has been great. I feel re-charged & ready to finish up this round with results I'll be happy with. I was only down .6 this AM, but it's okay... I certainly like it better when it's a whole pound, but finally being so close to the 130's is getting me pumped, and I have decided I can do this an extra week. :) So 30 VLCDs it is! Went to Publix and bought some more EXTRA lean ground beef & tomatoes. My new favorite dinner lol. I cut the middle out of the smaller tomatoes & put the ground beef in the middle & bake them with some garlic powder and stevia. (I grill the ground beef on the george forman first). 8 more pounds to go - hopefully I can do this!

Friday, October 2, 2009

Fri. Oct. 2, 09 "VLCD" 19 -- 142.6 (down .8) total loss = 11.2 lbs

Moving on down in the numbers! I am still not happy here though. I couldn't quit.. nope!

Had a luncheon at work today. I had lettuce, with some chicken (verrrrry little) because they had Chicken Marcela ... hope I didn't screw anything up, I scraped everything off of it, and picked out fat. My salad dressing ... some tabasco lol! We'll see if this screws up my loss in the morning. I hope not!

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Thurs. Oct. 1, 09 "VLCD" 18 -- 143.4 (down 1.0) total loss = 10.4 lbs

I'm feeling better, happy & re-energized today! I've lost half of the weight I need to drop in this round. I'm thinking of extending this round to 30 days in order to achieve my goal.

I can't believe I've gone 17 days with no sugar, starch, wine, lattes, lol! Not cheating helps me to know I've done my best.

Wednesday, September 30, 2009

. Wed. Sept 30, 09 "VLCD" 17 -- 144.4 (total loss 9.4 lbs)

Well, I'm back on track this morning after my apple day yesterday (noticed I skipped yesterday). Being sick makes you retain water, I know, and I'm still not well. I'm only down .6 at all this week and it's Wed. though, and I'm not happy about that. The mustard thing put me back last weekend and the sick thing has put me back now, so I may stay on Phase 2 another week, not sure yet. I need another ten pounds.

I'm getting sick of shrimp now though so I may grill up some more chicken this weekend.

Monday, September 28, 2009

Mon. Sept 28, 09 "VLCD" 15 -- 145.8 (up .8) total loss = 8 lbs.

What the hell. Really. Up .8 after I was so sick yesterday I was only able to eat 1/2 my calories???? Someone on the forum told me that when you are sick you retain water... so I'm going to guess that had to be it.

The good: 2 of my friends told me they could REALLY tell in my waistline that I've lost weight. My dad also commented today & he guessed I'd lost 12 lbs. ;) I'm already fitting clothes sooooooo much better. I hope hope hope I get over this sickness & make my goal. I want to be no more than 135 and I'm well past halfway through the protocol.

Sunday Sept 27, 09 "VLCD" 14 -- 145.0 (down .2) total loss = 8.8 lbs.

Sick sick sick today. Sinus infection hell. Only ate 1/2 my calories.

Sat. Sept 26, 09 "VLCD" 13 -- 145.2 (down .6) total loss = 8.6 lbs.

Friday, September 25, 2009

Friday Sept 25, 09 "VLCD" 12 -- 145.8 (down .80) total loss = 8 lbs.

Down .8 this morning. Yaaay! I'm 8lbs down, was hoping for 12 more, but I REALLY need 10 more!

It's the weekend again.... I get nervous about the weekend, because I'm not exposed to good food and boredom during the week. LOL!

Thurs Sept 24, 09 "VLCD" 11 -- 146.6 (down .2) total loss = 7.2 lbs.

WELL! .2 down doesn't make me happy, but I SUPPOSE it's better than zero! I did everything I was supposed to, so I just expect the loss to fluctuate.

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Wed Sept 23, 09 "VLCD" 10 -- 146.8 (down 2.0) total loss = 7 lbs.

The evil dextrose infested Tyson chicken breast strips had no bearing on my weight loss! I got up this morning and weighed and was pretty shocked that I was down 2 lbs! I'm going to back off chicken for awhile. I don't really like it how we cook it. Shrimp and fish are better. :) Essentially I've lost 7lbs in 9 days, so I'm happy with the way everything is going! I'm more envious of others who lose a pound per day, but I haven't been able to lose weight like this in AGES, so I'm really happy!

Still not hungry at all. I'm happy about the diet today!

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Tues Sept 22, 09 "VLCD" 9 -- 148.8 (down 1.0)

Back to where I was Sat. morning.... lost the pound I gained over the weekend messing with that organic mustard! Not hungry at all, haven't been. Just frustrated!

I'm going to have the same ol' salad for lunch today - fine with me. Going to probably have shrimp & tomato and an apple for dinner. I need something quick that I don't have to cook, so it works.

I hope to see some more LOSS tomorrow when I step on the scale!

Updating - This evening I found out the pre-cooked chicken strips from Tyson have DEXTROSE in them! I ate a little in my salad... I hope this doesn't have an adverse effect! I'll find out in the morning!

Mon Sept 21, 09 "VLCD" 8 -- (UP .6)

Very discouraging... I'm up a pound in the past two days. HOWEVER. I think I found the culprit. ORGANIC MUSTARD. I read where someone used it and it was fine, I read the ingredients before purchasing it. Nothing harmful it seemed... but you just never know. So! Back to the basics it is.

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Sun. Sept 20, 2009 "VLCD" 7 - 149.2 lbs (UP .4)

BLAH! Well I knew it was coming. I made lettuce beef wraps yesterday. Even though it was lean lean beef, I had a feeling. Plus, I had lunch and dinner almost directly together because I was shopping all day and didn't eat anything until about 5:30 PM.

Did better today.... but was just reminded of what a long way I have to go when looking at pictures from Friday night. EWWWW my arms are BIG! YUCK. =/ I'm going to keep on keeping on!!!! Tomorrow is Monday, thank God, it's much easier to diet when working!

I do have to say the lettuce beef wraps with organic mustard were scrumptious. So were the steamed crab claws I had today. Treat over!

Saturday, September 19, 2009

Sat. Sept 19, 2009, "VLCD" 6 148.8 lbs (-2.2!) total = -5 lbs

I could hardly believe it when I stepped on the scale this morning!!! 2.2 lbs! And yesterday was the WORST day in VLCD history I've had so far! It was worth it! YAAAAAY! Thinking about going to buy some more interesting stuff to cook today, and paint some in the house. Maybe finally get my wedding pics together in my album! Tan, maybe a little shopping, nap, things I like. :) I need a reward! I really wish I could fast forward to next weekend. It's been a tough week detoxing off food aka the love of my life (lol) and 5 lbs is alot for 5 days, but not alot where I can actually tell I've lost anything. I don't feel slimmer... 10 more pounds I'm sure I will ;)

Friday, September 18, 2009

Fri. Sept. 18, 2009 "VLCD 5" 151.0 lbs (down .6 ) = total -3.8

Not real happy with the scale this morning =/ I know I lost but only .6? They say the majority of the rapid weight loss happens at the beginning. When I think rapid I think a pound or more. Hmmm.

This was the HARDEST day ever! I had a wedding and reception, then a birthday gathering, then a car ride through a drive through at McDonalds with a 15 minute ride back with FRIES in the car. They smelled so good. Everyone had my favorite wine at the birthday gathering. OMG I really suffered this day!

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Great video explaining how the HCG diet works!

One of my fellow HCG dieters found this link from an HCG clinic. The first of this video is great and explains medically how the diet works!

About my Links of Recommended Sites!

This is a great place to get a lot of HCG info. It has a wealth of information and it's not trying to sell you anything, so you are not getting a sales pitch version of info. Here you can check for places to find clinics in your area. It does have a lot of google ads, so if you decide you want to order HCG, DO NOT pick a place based on a google ad there, but instead, go to the forum there (another link I posted) and do searches there for recommended places to buy. I posted two popular places to order from in my links as well. It is also important to decide if you are going to do homeopathic HCG drops(HHCG), RX HCG drops, or RX HCG injections, and this place has a lot of info to help you decide. I am doing the RX HCG drops, so I don't personally know much about the others.

Dr Simeon's Pounds & Inches Protocol -

This is basically the "bible" for the HCG diet. Dr. Simeons wrote the protocol for the original diet, and is the doctor responsible for the majority of the research on this diet. It also gives the list of foods, amounts, etc. you can eat during the 23 or 40 day protocol.

This is my FAV HCG forum, and trust me, I have checked a bunch out. This place is very active, lots of experienced HCG-ers who are very kind and helpful. There are people who are doing homeopathic (HHCG), HCG drops and injections. Other forums tend to have all of one type.

There are several threads directed at newcomers, so use the search option and search for newcomer in the title and read those before you start asking questions That will get you more informed to ask better questions and at the same time, cut down on re-posts of the same questions. The SEARCH option answered most of my questions!

In case you can't tell, I LOVE this place and highly recommend it.

WHERE TO ORDER (more expensive but faster delivery)

First of all let me say that going to a clinic or through one via internet will give you DR supervision, but will be MUCH more costly than ordering on your own. Some choose to go the first round through a clinic for the supervision. I almost did, but after much research, chose to do it on my own. I also choose to do HCG injections rather than homeopathic drops(HHCG), to stick to the original protocol as much as possible. Many have reported good results with HHCG. I have not posted any links to HHCG sites as I am not experienced with it.

If you are going the non homeopathic route, and on your own rather than through a clinic, this is the place to go. I got my HCG kit in 3 days. Bob and his wife have lost a lot using HCG and now help others out by selling it and other health products. The instructions for mixing were very thorough and easy. Bob is a trucker and is on the road sometimes, but I got email responses very quickly from both him and his wife. They have a forum there that does have some good info, but it is not very active. So I would recommend if you have a question, email them. There are also a lot of folks on the hcgdiet forum mentioned above that are using his product so you can get info there if you are needing immediate response to a question like mixing, usage, etc.

NOTE - They ship 5000IU amps, which will last 21 days. Many recommend that you mix every 10 days as HCG loses potency over time. So, if you want 2000IU amps so you can mix more often, contact him for the price difference of shipping those instead. I didn't know about that before I ordered, so I am using the 5000IU as per mixing instructions, but throwing out after 10 days and have ordered more 2000IU to finish this round.

If this is your first round and you are nervous about mixing and such, this would be a good place to start, rather than ordering separately on your own, as you order from one place and can get questions answered. I personally went the long route and ordered from the "cheaper" place (in India) and asked alot of questions on the forum. But here is good place to order if you need it quicker!

Where to order(longer delivery but least expensive)

This is where I ordered from. It takes 2-3 weeks to get as it is shipped from India. (It took me exactly 2 weeks) I did the sublingual and each amp cost me $13.52 (I ordered 3 - one extra, just in case). The shipping is $25 no matter where it's being shipped to, so order what you think you will need for your rounds at once to take advantage of one shipping charge, unless you are just starting and don't want to invest a lot until you have tried it out and are confident you want to proceed with multiple rounds. I was told to order the Hucog/Novarel 5000 i.u. - and 3 viles (each vile lasting 12-14 days. I am doing the sublingual prescription grade drops, so the mixing was easy. I had to go to the health food store & buy a couple of things, and then to the pharmacy for "mixing needles." Here is the link to the page for the Novarel:

Mixing instructions can be found very easily doing a search at the HCG diet forum link that I've posted.

Thurs. Sept. 17, 2009 "VLCD 4" 151.6 (down 1.4 ) = total -3.2

I'm home from work today, which is a scary thought, knowing that in the past being at home was detrimental to my eating habits. But I'm not hungry! :) So far so good! I read in the HCG diet forum that it usually takes until VLCD 4 for the HCG to kick in & control the hunger. Maybe I'm there!!! :)

Wasn't hungry at all -- all day. Had cod & asparagus for lunch, and shrimp and sliced tomato, and a clementine for dinner.

Wed Sept. 16, 2009 "VLCD 3" 153lbs (down .8)

VLCD 3 - not hungry at all during the day, however, work didn't permit me to eat my lunch (strawberry/chicken salad again) until after 2PM! I made it just fine, but then when I got home had to face the issue of the step-kids coming to the house and the husband picking up PIZZA for himself and our four kids. Normally we just "wing" it and the kids eat sandwiches, micro-wave dinners, soup, etc., but with the two extra kids... I know they have to have a meal, even if pizza or fishsticks & fries.

I overcame the pizza! I cooked my dinner (Cod, tomato, baked with lots of spices, and a cinnamon stevia apple) and it was almost ready when the evil pizza entered my kitchen. ONE TIME I looked at the pizza and slammed my fist on the counter and yelled "FAT ROLLS FAT ROLLS FAT ROLLS!" They all looked at me like I had 27 heads, but it worked out just fine for me lol!

3 hours later I went to bed & found that I was hungry... not like stomach growling hungry, but like burning sensation in stomach/empty feeling hungry. So I had a glass of stevia sweetened tea & just went to bed. :)

Note: Today I used Splenda in my one cup of coffee rather than stevia. I'm fine with stevia in anything else, but it's just NASTY in my coffee.... so I'm going the Splenda route (this one time of day) and we'll see - hopefully it won't cause any problems!

Made it through day 3!!!

Wednesday, September 16, 2009


Pictures - Labor Day Weekend...

(I'm the short one)

My husband and I

May 30, 2009 - My wedding dress was a size 14, I was a size 6 a year before this!
I have to admit, the dress hides it all very well :) From my wedding until Sept I gained 8 lbs!

Tues Sept 15, 09 "VLCD 2" 153.8 (back down to where I started!)

So I dropped 4.4 pounds on my first day, WOOHOO!  Everything I gained during loading! 
I added a packet of Splenda to my coffee.... I'm sorry, the Stevia is just plain NASTY in coffee!  Some people do well with Splenda, I'm determined to be one of them!  I can use Stevia in anything .... but COFFEE!  Don't mess with my coffee.  I can't handle it.  It's what makes or breaks the start of my day! 

For lunch I had the same as the day before (strawberry/grilled chicken salad).  It was wonderful. 

Night-time proved to be an issue.... why?  Because I went straight from work to the PTA meeting/Open House, then to the grocery store for my weekly family grocery shopping.  I walked in fine.  I walked out about in tears and STARVING!  Apparently just thinking of cooking even hamburger helper for the family threw me into starvation mode and I couldn't even bring myself to buy a box.  I've never cared about hamburger helper before!?   I got home and as QUICKLY as I could, baked some of the tasty flounder I had the night before.  I also boiled cabbage & seasoned it with everything I could think of.... I cut up an apple & sprinkled cinnamon & stevia on the apple and cooked it in the microwave for 1.5 minutes.... this meal was INCREDIBLE!  I felt 100 times better after eating it, although I'm thinking all of that cabbage may have caused me to retain water.  I went to bed with my hcg diet friendly "cream soda" and absolutely crashed. 

Long way to go from here, but I'm optimistic! 

Mon Sept 14, 09, "VLCD 1" 158.2 (down .4)

Monday morning I took my HCG drop with enthusiasm!  I took my salad to work, along with some apple cider vinegar and a half of a lemon (to use as dressing).  I drank my cup of coffee.... except sweetened with Stevia, and a little non-fat milk.  YUK!  ={  It was gross.... For lunch I ate my salad & realized Stevia isn't so bad on strawberries, in fact, it's just as good as sugar!  When I got home, I made my dinner -- baked flounder in chicken broth with Tony C.'s Creole Seasoning, Cilantro leaves, and red pepper, also with some squeezed lemon juice.  I steamed 4 stalks of asparagus with garlic powder, salt and lemon juice.  I also had one clementine orange.  I was pleasantly surprised at how tasty my lunch and dinner were!  = ]  Instead of my beloved glass of shiraz, I took my sparkling mineral water with vanilla creme liquid stevia drops to bed with me... it was like having a cream soda!  I was not hungry... ALL DAY LONG!  Great day number 1!!!

Sun Sept 13, 09 "Loading Day 2" 158.6 lbs (up 4.8!)

Stepped on the scale Sunday morning & was almost up 5 pounds!!!  HOLY COW!!!  =O 
I did what I was supposed to do and continued to load.  Just not as heavily.  ;)   I had a big meal at the mexican restaurant, cheese dip included!  I ate two more slices of cheesecake, and after that, just couldn't eat anymore!
Psyched myself up for the first "very low calorie day".... grilled 6 3.5 oz pieces of chicken and put them in the refrigerator in baggies.... made my lunch for the next day (grilled chicken and 5 cut up strawberries on top of spring mix salad) and had my last glass of Yellowtail Shiraz for the next (at least) 23 days.... you bet I savored every last sip! 

Sat Sept 12, 09 - "Loading Day 1" 153.8 lbs

So this diet calls for two "loading days" ... basically you eat all the fat you possibly can.  It's supposed to help jumpstart the diet, and help you to not be hungry later in the diet.  So I took my HCG drops Sat. morning, went grocery shopping for food items on the protocol with my best friend also starting the diet.  Then we went to Applebees & each had a gigantic appetizer sampler platter, AND a desert!  We also bought an entire cheesecake (Cheesecake Factory) to split... that's the most fattening thing I can think of!  I ate two slices of the cake and was so full I could barely move!  Later that night I went to dinner at the Japanese Steakhouse for my brother's birthday and couldn't eat but 5 pieces of sushi.  I was stuffed to the max!