Wednesday, January 20, 2010

ROUND 2... Here we go! Wed., Jan. 20, 2010 "VLCD" 2 -- 145.6 (down 2.6) 1.4 R2 total loss

I know... it's depressing. I'll tell you what happened.

Round 1 P4 - did FABULOUS... UNTIL. (drummmrollllll) Christmas week. Yep. Stayed 137-140 until the week before Christmas. And I caved. Ate everything. Refused to pay attention & do "high protein" or steak days because there was something going on every day.... Was 144lbs. steady until (drummmmmrollllll) MY BIRTHDAY PARTY. Mexican. Margaritas. ALOT of margaritas. Tequila. So my "start weight" Sunday... a whoppin' 147 lbs. Guess what my LIW was? 137.6! GROWLLLLLLL!!!!!

So. I gained 1.4 lbs in loading (Sunday and Monday) and the first VLCD dropped 2.8.

I originally planned on a short round, just to get be into the 120's.... but the short round ain't happening this time lol!

LESSONS LEARNED: NEVER use a holiday as an excuse to pig out. You will be so mad at yourself for having to re-lose weight! ALSO. Never skip weigh-in. EVER. Never skip a protein or steak day when your scale says you are 2 lbs above LIW!

So, I can't believe it's time and I'm doing this again, but I think this time around will be easier, since I've done this before and know what to expect. :)

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