Monday, April 19, 2010

R3 P2 VLCD1!!!! April 19, 2010 - Starting weight 137.8 - Post loading weight - 145.8 +8lbs =O

Yes, you read correctly. Apparently, that's how I roll! Every weekend in P4 for me has been a massive gain & I've brought it down every Monday with a Steak Day.

I'm doing an "off protocol" P2 steak day today because I KNOW they work... and ell... with 8 lbs I NEED it lol. My LIW last round was 135. SUCKS starting at 137.8 but whatever. I'm going to make it to 125 if it kills me!!!!! (holy crap that's 20 lbs from this morning's weight).... Stay tuned!

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