Thursday, April 15, 2010

R3 - Here I come!!! =D April 15, 2010 -- 137.0 - 2lbs above LIW

Well, I decided to do a very short round ... didn't think I'd be doing it... but I REALLY want to reach my goal of 125-127 before I go to the beach. I've come this far, WHY NOT!? And I know it can be done because this diet is amazing! I'll be loading Sat. & Sun. & starting VLCD's on Monday. Yippee! What I'm doing is completely off protocol (13 day round) but if you want to try & talk me out of it... don't bother =) I've done plenty of risky type off-protocol stuff before and the only thing that has really caused me a problem was CHEATING my last round lol. It was a bad cheat... and I look at it this way - if I'd behaved that one night I wouldn't be doing another round now. I lost a week!!!

Let's get skinny!!! =D

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  1. Hi Amy,
    I tried to open the weight loss tracking sheet and am not able to see it. Is it possible you could email it to me? I would really appreciate it. You've done such a great job. I am going thru my dr and have had 12 shots and lost 13.2 lbs.
    Thanks in advance!!!!