Friday, January 22, 2010

R2P2 Thurs., Jan. 22, 2010 "VLCD" 4 -- 141.8 (down 2.4) 5.2 lbs R2 total loss

OMG. I heart this diet... and I heart extra lean ground beef!

I had extra lean ground beef on the GF last night - made a patty... with a tomato, along with sugar free ketchup and mustard and OMG IT WAS SOOOOOO GOOD.

Word to the wise (apparently I didn't get it the first round) ... don't go to the grocery store before you've had dinner! It about killed me last night lol!

I absolutely cannot BELIEVE I'm down 2.4... honestly, I know that patty had to be 5 ounces. Guess what I'll be having again tonight? LOL!

I think switching it up a bit may help!

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