Wednesday, January 27, 2010

R2P2 Wed. Jan. 27, 2010 "VLCD" 9 -- 140.0 (down 1.2) 7 lbs R2 total loss

Well, I checked and in R1 I was down a total of 7 lbs on VLCD 10 so I'm still a little ahead this round, meanwhile having diet cokes, my sugar-free redbulls, wine here and there, amongst mixing veggies which is NOT on protocol. =) My modified round is proving to be a success. Yaaay!

I had about 9 macadamia nuts last night because the girls on the forum are talking about a little "good" fat every now & then being a help to their loss, macadamia nuts specifically. So I did it. How can you really ENJOY 9 little macadamia nuts? LOL! I also had 2 glasses of chianti (red wine) off protocol. Huge burger (prob 6 oz) with sugar free ketchup and mustard, and a wedge of laughing cow cheese (I wouldn't use a REAL piece of cheese on P2) spread over the burger, along with 3 tomato slices - lunch/dinner because my chicken I took to work to put in my salad went bad =( But the burger was fantastic. Still lost 1.2! =D I sure can't wait to break back into the 130's again. I'll be where I'm supposed to have left off last time!

I'm going to tell whoever is reading this now.... DO NOT go back to your old eating habits at ANY point in P4! One week of not paying attention and eating what I wanted caused me to have to re-lose the weight from last round! Steak days (or high protein days) when you are up 2 lbs above your LIW are DETRIMENTAL.

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